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YLC is a social entrepreneurship, that enables young people to be positive influencers in their field of competence. YLC works to build a positive solutions and programs that serve young leaders aged 10-30 years across the Middle East.


أن نكون طموح كل شاب "من الجنسين" يسعى أن يكون مؤثرا إيجابيا فى عالمه


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Seeking for academic preference

Willingness to learn top skills needed in 2030, future careers, aligning personal capabilities with academic and career preferences

Seeking for Self-Discovery

Willingness to discover self untapped potential, strengths, life goals, life purpose, priorities, life balancing.

Seeking for excellence

Willingness to know and apply personal growth laws, Be equipped with positive mental attitude, habits. Rigour awareness of needed labor market skills and how to be a leader in your field


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Closing Ceremony of Transformation Leaders Program TLP

The Dean of Student Affairs at the University of Business and Technology (UBT), Dr. Loay Bin Baker Al Tayyar, took part in the Graduation Leaders Program which lasted for nine weeks and was organized by the Youth Leadership Community (YLC) The ceremony was held in Al Qasr Hall at the Hilton Hotel on Tuesday 16 April 2019, in the presence of a number of public and private universities participating in this program. One of the most important goals of the Transformation Leaders program (TLP) is to help students discover untapped potential, add value through the profession, connect participants with relevant stakeholders, and align the profession with Vision 2030 initiatives and programs.  


Launch of the "Junior Leadership" Program

The Young Leaders Program is launched from March 10 to 5 weeks. It focuses on solving communication challenges between children and educators while enhancing communication skills to enable children to express their feelings and ideas. This program focuses on the most important leadership concepts in: 1.Contact with self 2. Communicate with others 3. Managing feelings and emotions 4. Realize the most important personal skills What care to provide: 1. Reports on the emotional intelligence of the participant and one parent. 2. A workshop dedicated to one parent and five meetings for the children. 3. Leadership tools A set of emotional management tasks. 4. Experiences and group games for children enhance their communication skills. 5. Inspirational leadership environment for children to help them discover their personal skills.


Mr. Hussein Al-Ghamdi joins YAL members  

Join the founder of Young Leadership Society Mr. Hussein Al-Ghamdi as one of the Young Arab Leaders


Launch of the "Future Preparation Lab" Program

The Future Preparation Lab is a program designed to help secondary school students identify the path and plan of the future and empower them with future skills in a stimulating environment and a sustainable society, because we believe that the future belongs to those who are preparing for it today.


Team YLC for Toastmasters won in the region 27 contest

Where T.M Anas Al-Ghamdi won first place improvisational speeches Dr. Al- Anoud Rashad won third place in improvisational speeches As well as won T.M Anas al-Ghamdi third place in the speeches prepared Dr. Al-Anoud Rashad won the second place in the comic speeches


The TLP Leaders Program is launched

The TLP Leadership Program, a YLC program in partnership with major universities in Makkah, is the first practical program to train university students in line with Vision 2030 programs and initiatives and sustainable development goals. The program seeks to enable participants to gain a deeper understanding of their abilities by studying the laws of personal excellence of a global program. The program also enhances the participants' detailed understanding of their area of ​​competence through the YLC model. The presentation of the program is based on facilitation, personal empowerment and inspiration. A group of experts and private sector executives and academics from the participating parties participate in the program.   More than 90 students from the following universities participate in the program: King Abdulaziz University. 2. Umm Al-Qura University. 3. University of Business and Technology. 4. Effat University. 5. University of Dar al-Hikma. The program extends to 9 weeks, and upon completion of the program participants are linked to companies related to their area of ​​expertise.  



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